GEOGAZCENTR LLC is an engineering company established in 2004, equipped with modern software, high-tech specialized equipment, and a modern communication system. The experience we have gained over the years is a major capital asset. Our company provides a full range of work and services in the design of oil and gas main transportation facilities and other objects for the oil and gas industry, including reconstruction and major rehabilitation.

Over the last few years, the company has joined the global trend of alternative energy development in Ukraine. We have projects for solar, wind, and biogas power plants, and we work on reconstruction of waste water treatments facilities.

In 2019, our company received a construction license, which allowed us to implement a number of construction projects. The management system introduced in GEOGAZCENTR LLC provides high standards of construction, maximum savings of the client’s investment in the project, allows to provide a single control of the quality of works, materials and timing of calendar schedules.

Our specialists’ expertise is the basis for our success and longstanding activity.

The company employs a team of highly qualified technical and management specialists, with experience in leading design organizations in Ukraine, CIS, EU, and Asia.

Our key advantages are:

  • a comprehensive portfolio of engineering services;
  • flexible client payment plans;
  • effective planning;
  • timely implementation of projects.

GEOGAZCENTR LLC uses unique analytical tools and the latest technologies to solve complex issues for our clients. The company pursues an active, well-designed marketing plan, which is a key competitive advantage in both domestic and foreign markets.