– general construction work

– specialized construction work

– Installation of process equipment

  • All design parts under the terms of the DBN V.2.2-3-2014 (Ukrainian national construction regulation)
  • Complex designing under the terms of  Clients national regulation
  • Geodetic engineering surveys
  • Geological engineering surveys
  • Hydrometeorological engineering surveys
  • Ecological engineering surveys (mobile, field, laboratory and cameral works)
  • Land and cadastral surveys
  • Analytical review on a wide range of problems of functioning and development of the oil, gas and oil refining industry
  • Existing objects technical inspections
  • Development of recommendations for the renovation, reconstruction and modernization of objects
  • Safety declaration of the high risk object
  • Emergency response plan
  • Environmental impact assessment
  • Measures to prevent and minimize risks
  • Engineering and technical measures of civil protection (civil defense)
  • Labor protection and industrial safety
  • Declaration of compliance of the material and technical requirements with the requirements of the legislation on fire safety
  • Information security of the object
  • Ecological passport of the object
  • Passport of a potentially dangerous object
  • Land survey design for land allotment
  • Calculation of the class of consequences (liability) of the construction object
  • Detecting discrepancies between basic documentation and reality
  • Tendering procedures
  • Performing as general design contractor
  • Support and passing institutional and state expertise’s
  • Supply of equipment and materials
  • Construction and installation works
  • Designers supervision of construction
  • Client service functions (technical supervision)
  • Development of technical requirements for equipment and materials
  • Development of technical regulations and operating instructions
  • Creation of conceptual 3D model of object for inspection and optimization
  • Development and implementation of automated control systems and management of technological processes, objects and technical systems